Yes another duplicitous little fish. Yet innocent. Naïve of its duality. Odysseus came across the ocean from the war. But we went across town to your favourite Vietnamese joint for pho and summer rolls, and you fingered the little bowl clean of the dipping sauce. Did you ever find out the recipe? I’m pretty sure you didn’t want to. Not knowing, teetering on th cusp of finding out kept you going.

And it can also be static, remote. “I’m calling from across the street.” Sounds pretty innocent. Across fixes up the mess of the other words. It lays out the path or comes in later with a more reasonable explanation. It’s almost a thing really. You can measure across in metres and days. It stands. It’s there in front, away, beyond, you – You, reader, you who I need to explain these things to. You – the other you – we’ve been though this already.