The word stands alone. This is truly a sign. It can be hammered into the ground. It’s red and it creaks in the wind. It should be used more often. We should it from outside our broken economy.

So that’s what I am, an embittered idealist. And because I have no answers I’ve constructed this list. I’ve constructed the two ‘yous’. I mean you exist. You implies existence. I’m not talking to myself (though what you’re reading did start as a voice in my head). The you (general) is a given. The you (specific) – well you might not exactly know who you are – one of the general you might have an idea – but I wouldn’t say.

Neither of us said it either. That this was ‘over’. I can thank you for that. At one point we just crawled out from love. It was bright. It was dark. It was whatever we wanted to see.

And I’m making this list because really there are much bigger problems than love and sorrow. Problems which are too immense for me to solve in the grove of my mind.