Generally, I’ve tried to avoid breaking the fourth wall, so as to let my stories and poems do the talking. It’s not that I’m against personal blogs. In fact many blogs I read and enjoy are of that nature. I guess it’s just the purist in me who wanted to keep this strictly ‘creative’, a rolling collection of sorts. Also perhaps like Chekov I’m a ‘biophobe’ and don’t want to sully my fiction with my inconsequential thoughts. Now, I think I owe you regulars an explanation for my absence.

Trying to post as regularly as I promised has been too demanding lately with other writing commitments. Now that I’ve become a father, I am further distracted – and in a good way. At the moment I’ve mostly been thinking about my daughter and wanting to spend what free time I have with her, forging our relationship. This has meant compromising my writing. I know. Flaubert would scoff.

Vaguely Quotable is going to continue albeit in a slightly less regular form. For some insight into what constitutes my ‘process’ I can’t let something go until I’ve looked at it from all angles and that takes me time – pacing around the flat, staring at the house martins, walking through the carpet of leaves at Konopiště or sitting on the train. My daughter is taking up some of that time.

My approach can be debated in the comments section, but I have to work the way I work. So those of you who have been dropping by, I urge to continue to do so. I’ve still got ideas pestering me and the blog is a good way to exorcise them. In the meantime, one piece from the blog has found a new home.

Vaguely yours,